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Watch Clips from an Audio-Reactive Generative Visual Set

Watch Clips from an Audio-Reactive Generative Visual Set

When it comes to generative art or real-time visuals, there’s an intriguing collaborative harmony between humans and machines. One sets the parameters, the other explores them. Berlin-based Margo Kudrina, a fashion designer and art director at motion graphics and VFX company Licht.Pfad, recently achieved that human-machine harmony with an hour-long generative sound-reactive visual set.

Created for the electronic group Nativizm’s show at Night Media Lab in Wrocław on November 20th, Kudrina’s TouchDesigner-created visuals assume a number of forms. Some look like oscillating palm fronds, while others are glimmering contours or latticeworks that look like waveforms. Others take on moiré patterns that almost look like three-dimensional liquids.

Watch Kudrina’s live visual performance below:

Margo Generative Visual performance for Nativizm @ Night Media Lab, Wroclaw from Licht.Pfad Studio on Vimeo.

Click here to visit Margo Kudrina on Instagram.

Via The creators project