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The Demonic Moving Portraits of Brandon Muir

The Demonic Moving Portraits of Brandon Muir

Creepy crawlies, ghasts and ghouls take center stage in Brandon Muir‘s spine-chilling cutout GIFs. Muir’s process starts like that of any collage artist as he cuts up old NatGeo and LIFE magazines to build a mutated army of characters. “The similarities with purist collage makers probably end when I port everything over to Photoshop, where the possibilities are endless,” he tells The Creators Project.

He works fast, spending between one and four hours animating the pieces into each GIF. “If something doesn’t look interesting to me or come together in one sit down, I usually scrap it and start over,” he explains. He started out working exclusively in Photoshop, but he’s been getting into AfterEffects recently, and it shows in his most recent GIFs. His creatures are surrounded by more complex textures and endowed them with subtle movement than in previous work, but they all accomplish the same effect. Says Muir, “[My] one intention with these animations is to ride the line between a disgusted cringe and a smooth chunky chuckle.”

Check out more of Brandon Muir’s work on his website.

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Via The creators project