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Step into an Interactive 3D Galaxy of Sound With “ClinK”

Step into an Interactive 3D Galaxy of Sound With “ClinK”

For artists at Germany’s Wisp, sticking to one medium of expression is unheard of. Their work blends science and art, incorporating the tangible with the more cryptic physical properties of our world – like the way we interact with light and sound.

Their latest installation, “ClinK,” is an audio-visual immersion that allows users to control what they see and hear, simply by moving their bodies.

ClinK gif-07122015

To achieve the effect, Wisp created a dome-structure made of hexagonal pieces, each connected by one of 30 speakers. Using the vvvv coding toolkit and four Kinect cameras, the team is able to sync a viewer’s movements with a 360 degree projection map of space-inspired graphics and sound – it makes each person, for a brief moment, the architect of their own tiny universe.

“ClinK challenges the boundaries of the human auditive and visual perceptions,” the creative team explains. “Each body and its dynamic attributes are directly transformed into audio feedback and transformations of visual objects. [You can] manipulate sound sources and move them through space in a way that their exact position concretely and vividly occur in front of you.”

There’s just something about kinetic art that makes us want to jump in, and the resulting video is pretty unbelievable. But even so, Wisp makes it clear that this offers just a small taste of the experience. “Here, you’re getting a rectangular and stereo version of the exhibit,” they say. “But we wanted all of those who couldn’t take part at the exhibition to enjoy a short impression.”


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