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Black houses, again.

Black houses, again.

Photo: Tsao & McKown (Rhinebeck, New York)

I’m long overdue (um, it’s been six years—oops) for a black house roundup post. I chose to lead off with a gorgeous Victorian farmhouse renovated by Tsao & McKown, primarily because it’s in Rhinebeck, NY—my hometown! Rhinebeck (in my extremely biased opinion) is the most beautiful town in the Hudson Valley. The houses there tend to be very well maintained for the most part, and while they generally have retained their historic character, they do definitely tend to be on the conservative side aesthetically. It’s very exciting for me to see that someone has done a renovation as dramatic and bold as this one! I have no idea where in Rhinebeck this farmhouse is, but next time I’m up there, I’ll certainly keep an eye out.

Photo: Simon Conder Associates (Kent, England)

Photo: This Is Colossal (Möhringen, Germany)

Haus in Schwarz was a 2008 installation in Germany by Erik Sturm and Simon Jung. The house was painted entirely black for five months prior to its planned demolition. Black windows might be a little too intense even for me, but aside from that, I could move right in if it still existed…

Photo: Thinking Outside the Boxwood (Detroit, Michigan)

Photo: Bruce Damonte, via Dwell (San Francisco, California)

I’m bummed that I didn’t go to Stable Cafe when I was in San Francisco. That white lettering on the all-black facade…siiiiiigh. Next time. (Check out this cool photo at Dwell taken during the repainting!)

Photo by Alec Hemer for Lonny (Sharon Springs, New York)

This upstate New York beauty belongs to Roger Hazard and Chris Stout-Hazard, who have a custom furniture line. I liked Roger a lot when he was on Sell This House, and I’m not surprised he and his husband have such a cool house. The Roger + Chris website is cool, too—they have a GREAT blog for their renovation work that’s really informative. My kinda guys.

And yeah, this Hornbach ad still makes me cry…

Hornbach – Say it with your project. from triggerhappyproductions on Vimeo.

Via Doorsixteen