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September 2015

Harley Custom Bike King Battle

Harley Custom Bike King Battle

Harley launched a Battle of The Kings competition in Europe, pitching dealers against each other in a custom bike build-off. A jury of peers will soon be selecting the greatest Street custom bike from the top 5 dealer entries.

custom_bike_harley_street-3 custom_bike_harley_street-4 custom_bike_harley_street-5

To add complexity on the challenge, the customizers should consider that, since the Harley Street 750 is an ‘accessible’ bike—in both financial and riding terms, the customization budget is under €4,000 on parts and the workshop hours down to 50 or even less.

One we definitively cheer on is the custom bike built by Austrians Fabian Weber and Gregor Malleier of H-D Innsbruck. Despite the above mentioned restrictions, Fabian and Gregor have built a very stylish custom bike. The duo is quite strong in skills: workshop manager Gregor used to be a race bike mechanic, and can also build his own frames; Fabian brings in automotive skills, and is a convert to the new wave custom scene.

custom_bike_harley_street-6 custom_bike_harley_street-7

Their customization has been studied in every detail for maximum impact. The forks have increased visual weight by losing the stock rubber gaiters and gaining a Free Spirits triple tree up front. The rear wheel has gained two inches in size: it’s a 17-inch item from the Softail Cross Bones model. The rear fender was widened and shortened to match, and a discreet LED strip fitted for lighting.

custom_bike_harley_street-8 custom_bike_harley_street-9

A custom saddle was installed, and the ignition lock and horn have been moved to clean up the overall look. The mid controls have been drilled and powder coated, and drilled H-D ‘Silencer’ footpegs installed.

The H-D Street 750 by Weber and Malleier shows what can be done with a smart planning, but a little ingenuity and budget.


Via Design42day

Contrasting Black and White Outlook of Cities

Contrasting Black and White Outlook of Cities

Photographer Jason Peterson has a personal way to catch the geometry and anatomy of cities. On his Instragram account, he publishes black and white contrasting urban photographs, that show every little details of places where he goes. Some of his pictures have an unreal aspect through the point of view where it was taken. Artist invites us to follow him in his vision of the city.

Via Fubiz

Scuba enters the matrix with ‘Black On Black’ music video

Scuba enters the matrix with ‘Black On Black’ music video

British techno producer Scuba skips right past the rabbit hole and straight into the Matrix with a new music video for his track “Black On Black” off his latest studio album Claustrophobia. The psychedelically stunning video follows a female lead (the same protagonist from his “All I Think About Is Death” video) on a mission to escape either what appears to be a terribly sketchy nightmare or an acid trip gone wrong (or right for some). Colorful multidimensional patterns, a sinister eye-glowing DJ and a creepy guy sporting Morpheus-like sunglasses make for a twisted delusion perfectly fit for the depths of Scuba’s dark imagination.

Via Dancing Astronaut